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May 2021

This month is quite a full term, five works instead of the usual four! Link and Samus drop in for some pinups, a bouquet of Daisy’s get dirty, Shepard and Liara find a quiet place, and Peach and Rosalina go golfing! Thanks to my patrons for their support, enjoy!

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Desert Rose

This week we have a lovely pinup entry from the ever-adorable Link, modeling his Gerudo disguise once again. :D

As I’ve said before, Nintendo knew exactly what the hell they were doing with this one…


© Link - Nintendo


Double Birdie

This week’s is… also an unplanned one relative to the render dump I posted for patrons earlier. :D

I somehow completely forgot about Mario Golf coming out on the switch, possibly because my memory is crap. Despite that when I saw Twitter peeps commenting on the fact that Rosalina doesn’t hold her club (iconic queen she is) This idea for a pinup immediately popped into my head. Then I got some ideas to make it a little extra NSFW, but didn’t want to do three eroticas in a month, so this became sort of a… between one? Some nudity, no sex though. Fitting since May was going to have five works in it, so now this month’s term is 2 erotica, 2 pinup, and 1… this. Cheesecake, perhaps?

Either way, enjoy!

© Peach, Rosalina - Nintendo



So this is a little odd, since I had just posted a render-dump for my V.I.P.s of "all my May content" and then… this one, which wasn’t among them, haha. I couldn’t believe that somehow I’d forgotten Mass Effect’s remaster was coming out this week, and how could I, the most hopeless Liara-mancer, not have a Mass Effect work to commemorate the occasion!?

So I got to work, and blasted this out! I’m quite pleased with it, Shepard (of either gender really, both are great) and Liara are a ship I’ve been shipping since I played the first game. Can’t miss with these two.

But yeah, I haven’t actually bought it yet, since I’m hopelessly behind on my "to play" list already but I will be getting it at some point, and I’m quite excited.

Thanks for looking, have a great weekend!

© Liara - Bioware


Duty Calls

This week’s piece comes with a bounty on it…

That was the worst pun I think I’ve ever made for these descriptions. At any rate! Here we have a lovely pinup of Ms. Aran herself, Samus, in her gorgeously sexy design from Other M (as much of a dumpster fire as the game was, I still absolutely love her in military garb).

Plus, thigh-highs and knives. What’s to not like!? :D

© Samus - Nintendo


Planting Daisies

Beginning my refreshed Patreon journey is something quite a bit different! This is another of those that was a concept born almost entirely from a pun. I’m extremely proud of the pun and almost as proud of the final product, haha.

So we have some Daisy self-cest going on, and it looks like they’re getting quite dirty. ;) Maybe you should go help them clean up?

© Daisy - Nintendo


Dark Meditations

This week we’re taking things in a slightly different direction! Generally I don’t do anything I’d consider OC’s (just not my thing overall?) however, a friend of mine who is usually our DM for DND has a character in a secondary game we play, and she’s apparently having a time getting some art made of her, and I thought, well, I can fix that.

So here we have Nisrah! A tiefling with a taste for bondage and danger, in that order I suspect. I had a lot of fun putting her together, not sure how regular of an entry she’ll be but, I’m quite proud of this and wanted to share!

Thanks for looking! :)