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Parking in Rear

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August 2021

This month’s term features two lovely pinups with Ashley Williams of Mass Effect and lady Plautena of Kid Icarus, as well as a pair of wonderful erotica shoots with princess Zelda and Samus, and Ilia and Malon getting together between projects on the farm. Enjoy!

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Other Artwork

Tea Party

This week’s release is a steamy group set with the always lovely Mario ladies! :)

Had a lot of fun designing the environment for this one, again based loosely on some nude photography I’d seen. Related, my favorite image I think is the four of them in the buff. Something about the casual nudity without anything overtly sexual is just the most erotic thing to me. :D

Hope y’all enjoy!

© Peach, Rosalina, Daisy, Pauline - Nintendo


Suited Spectre

We finish out the month of August with a lovely pinup with Ashley from Mass Effect! I really enjoy what the wife did in the edit bay for this one, she really got the colors to pop and it turned out looking like a postcard from the end of Mass Effect 3, just you know, without the stupid ending, haha.

Thanks for looking, see y’all next month! :)

© Ashley - Bioware


Farmhands at Work

This week we have a very cute entry featuring one of my long-time favorites, Ilia, and the return triumphant of Malon, circa Ocarina of Time!

I think Malon could use a touch more work to be honest, I’m not 100% happy with her but I felt she looked good enough for a debut piece. And what a piece! Had a lot of fun designing this one, and the water effects afterwards were done in Photoshop instead of rendering, so they’re not quite as good but I just didn’t wanna fight with it, haha.

Absolutely love how cute these two look together. Let me know what you guys think! :)

© Ilia, Malon - Nintendo


Study Hours

This week’s piece kicks off erotica for August with this spicy set featuring the lovely Lady Zelda of Twilight Princess, and the huntress Samus Aran, getting cozy in the study!

Had a lot of fun designing this one. The troublesome piece from last week is still being troublesome, so look for that next week, but I hope y’all can enjoy this in the meantime.

Have a great weekend everyone!

© Zelda, Samus - Nintendo


Emerald Muse

We’re starting this month, rather unusually, with a pinup! I had an erotica work planned per the usual procedure but as I was doing the last bits of work yesterday I just wasn’t satisfied with it, it wasn’t up to my usual standards and ultimately I’ve decided it needs another pass. So this week, Palutena!

I haven’t done anything with her in quite a spell, and it was exciting to bust her out for this lovely set! She’s perched on a set of stairs in her heavenly abode, striking some poses, among other things, just for you. :) Hope you guys enjoy, we’ll have two erotica works back-to-back, next week and the week after, then back to pinup for the end of the month.

Have a good one!

© Palutena - Nintendo



We’re closing out the month of July with an adorable pinup from the lovely lady of the stars, Rosalina! I’ve done pinups of her before, especially centered around the story book theme but it’s well trod ground for a reason: I absolutely love the cute, innocent looks I can get with her and her little story book. :)

This is another one based on a pinup I found online. Hope you enjoy, and check out some other Rosalina pinups I’ve made if you’re interested:

Rosette Luxuriance Veiled Nebula Immaculate Cosmos Rosalina Pinup V2

© Rosalina - Nintendo