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July 2021

This week’s term is another big one, five works! Our erotica entries feature the ladies of the Mushroom Kingdom getting into some trouble, along with Yennefer summoning a rather amorous little succubus! Additionally we have my absolute favorite Midna pinup yet, a gorgeous entry with Urbosa, and finishing off, storytime with Rosalina!

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Other Artwork

Jewel of the Desert

A lovely pinup this week, with Lady Urbosa, showing us a gorgeous bikini she’s dug out of her closet. I absolutely love how this one turned out, from the composition of the background to the sword, glinting in her hand.

© Urbosa - Nintendo


Whorp Zone

Something a little kinkier for this month’s second entry! We’re branching off the usual tone of my work a bit, but I hope you guys like it. This one in particular involved a lot of work, and overall I’m quite pleased with the result!

I got the idea for this one a ways back, I think around March originally, and it kept having to be pushed back because it involved a lot more engineering than most of my works. But yeah, absolutely love it. Enjoy!

© Peach, Rosalina, Daisy - Nintendo


Night Life

A really fun one for me this week! As a result of the pandemic, I haven’t been to a con in well over a year now, and for some reason this image of Midna adorning a balcony of possibly a hotel in one just popped into my head. The wife provided the idea for the lingerie, specifically, and voila.

This is sincerely I believe one of the best, if not the best, Midna pinup I’ve ever done. I absolutely adore this piece and I hope you do as well!

© Midna - Nintendo


Summon Gone Wrong

We begin the month of July with the second piece featuring my friend’s lovely DND character, Nisrah, finding herself summoned by Yennefer for some nefarious purpose. Perhaps anyway, or maybe Yen just wanted a low-end evil hookup? Seems she got more than she bargained for. ;)

Thanks for looking!

© Yennefer - CD Projekt Red


Peach Bloom

This week’s work I’m trying something a little different: My first selfie picture! With the onset of steamy hot summer, a poolside selfie with the lovely Princess Peach seemed the perfect entry to close out June with.

And I’m quite pleased with how this turned out! It was surprisingly challenging, involved an extremely different lighting and camera setup than what I’m used to, but again, absolutely thrilled with the results! I hope you guys enjoy too. :)

© Peach - Nintendo


Don't Wake Me

For our second erotica work of this month, I decided to bust out Marin again from Link’s Awakening. Though Twilight Princess and Midna will always be my favorites of the series, Link’s Awakening holds a special place in my heart for being the first game I truly loved on the Switch, and because I hadn’t played it when it was on the GameBoy about one eternity ago.

That and Marin is just so damn cute. I thought it more than fitting that Link should get a little evening away with her. :) Enjoy!

© Marin, Link - Nintendo