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September 2021

This month’s term features a spicy group set with the Super Mario ladies, a dark pinup of the princess Koopa, Bowsette, a lovely patio hookup with Elizabeth and Shani, and another new girl, Aloy, rounds out the pinups! Thanks to all my patrons for their ongoing support. :)

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Knight Takes Queen

This week’s is quite a succulent batch of loveliness, especially for any fans of Lady Urbosa, like myself. :)

I know in the game that Link is pretty strongly hinted to have had something going on with Mipha (and she’s adorable of course) but what can I say, my inner Tormund Giantsbane likes the Big Woman too, haha!

I love how this one turned out, especially the water. I’m making some use of 3ds’ built in water-animating stuff, and it looks pretty good if I say so myself!

Thanks for looking!

© Link, Urbosa - Nintendo


Pumpkin Spice

Another new character! We’ll finish this month’s entry with a spicy pinup with Aloy, of Horizon: Zero Dawn fame. I played this game over quarantine last year and holy man you guys, it was so damn good. Absolutely sucked me in. I went in expecting a kinda dumb but fun game where you kill robot dinosaurs for some contrived reason but… just, DAMN.

And yes I’m hilariously late to this particular boat, at this point I think it left port, arrived, left and came back but I don’t care. It was awesome and I love Aloy, she’s gorgeous and capable and clever and fun. And designing this was fun too. :)


© Aloy - Geurilla Games


Brie Mine

This week, a new girl and a new pairing! Suggested by a friend of mine, we have Shani of the Witcher, spending some quality time with Elizabeth of Bioshock. ;)

I absolutely love how cute this one turned out to be! I need to work on the Shani model I think (and even Elizabeth isn’t perfect) but it turned out too adorable to not share.


© Elizabeth, Shani - 2K Games, CD Projekt Red


Parking in Rear

We’re doing something quite different this week! I’ve had a model for a Rolls Royce sitting around forever and I’ve wanted to do a pinup with it, but couldn’t quite think of how. Then suddenly as tends to happen, I got an idea in my head and belted out this lovely little number. :)

Bowsette has excellent taste in cars, who knew? :) Additionally I did two versions of all the poses, with an alternate coloring for the car, matching thematically with Bowser’s car from one of the boss fights in 3D world. I’m quite pleased with this piece, hope you enjoy it!


Tea Party

This week’s release is a steamy group set with the always lovely Mario ladies! :)

Had a lot of fun designing the environment for this one, again based loosely on some nude photography I’d seen. Related, my favorite image I think is the four of them in the buff. Something about the casual nudity without anything overtly sexual is just the most erotic thing to me. :D

Hope y’all enjoy!

© Peach, Rosalina, Daisy, Pauline - Nintendo


Suited Spectre

We finish out the month of August with a lovely pinup with Ashley from Mass Effect! I really enjoy what the wife did in the edit bay for this one, she really got the colors to pop and it turned out looking like a postcard from the end of Mass Effect 3, just you know, without the stupid ending, haha.

Thanks for looking, see y’all next month! :)

© Ashley - Bioware