Quality Pinups and Erotica of your favorite game characters.


Updated: 21 February 2018


I’m pretty lenient in what I’ll do for a client in terms of the content of the piece, including more “mature” rated stuff than I usually post (in fact, this is pretty common.) Just about the only things I won’t do are:

  • Excessive violence or gore (like, really excessive. As in I’ll have trouble working on it excessive.)
  • Rule 34 type stuff with any Halo characters. Again, just preference. I like Halo.

Pricing Guide

I’ve vastly simplified my pricing guide, both to make commissions lower cost to my customers and to focus more of the cost on what actually takes me time to do, namely, the creation of the environment and props.

Characters I have ready to go are charged at $25 per posed character. New characters sent to me/that I’m sent to find are charged at $45 per, because of the additional work involved in getting the models working with my 3D suite. A $10 finders fee is added for time spent hunting down a model if you don’t have one. If your commission involves nudity of a new character, that will be an additional $25 for fitting the modelwork onto a nude model, rigging, etc.

After the characters, all the background and character props are charged at $28.50 per hour based on how long I estimate it will take me to create all the content involved (most complex commissions never go above three hours at the very most; most are about an hour.) The estimate is what you pay; if time spent is less than estimated, the remainder will be kept as credit on your next commission. If time is greater than estimated, you are not charged more. Discounts available if I can re-use assets from previous work.

Volume Discounts

Since a lot of my commissions are multiple frames, sort of a “comic strip” deal, I’ve instituted this discount policy. A 10% discount will be applied to subsequent frames of the same environment or area, with new poses, outfits, and props allowed in each frame. This discount maxes out at 40%. I also frequently apply further discounts to round out totals, and if I think a price comes out too high for what you’re looking for. Basically I’m open to negotiation and am always willing to work in tight budgets. Payment Methods Accepted

PayPal only.


Feel free to contact me about any commission, even for just a price. I don’t harass you if you don’t commission me, I won’t put you on any mailing lists, and I answer most emails within 24 hours. All email and note contact is 100% confidential.