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Dancefloor Siren

Posted: January 30, 2021

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Some bad news at the top: my wife was too busy this past week, and so y’all will have to tolerate my, by comparison, mediocre editing skills. :)

This week’s release is a lovely pinup of the always pleasurable to see Liara T’soni, here again in her beautiful sapphire glory. This piece was actually put together without a background entirely, something I don’t do often, instead literally the only things in this scene are the chair and the dame. But what a dame…

So after building in the lighting and rendering, I had to then "find" a scene she would fit in. I ended up using some of the concept art from the Purgatory night club in Mass Effect 3, with a tinge to it, and some additional manipulation to make it fit. I also added some light streaming effects to give it a very interesting vibe, overall.

I dig it! I hadn’t actually edited one of these myself since WAY back when in late 2017, since then the wife has always been my editor full time, but it was nice to crack out the photoshop skills again for something besides textures.