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Double Birdie

Posted: May 22, 2021

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May 2021 Term

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This week’s is… also an unplanned one relative to the render dump I posted for patrons earlier. :D

I somehow completely forgot about Mario Golf coming out on the switch, possibly because my memory is crap. Despite that when I saw Twitter peeps commenting on the fact that Rosalina doesn’t hold her club (iconic queen she is) This idea for a pinup immediately popped into my head. Then I got some ideas to make it a little extra NSFW, but didn’t want to do three eroticas in a month, so this became sort of a… between one? Some nudity, no sex though. Fitting since May was going to have five works in it, so now this month’s term is 2 erotica, 2 pinup, and 1… this. Cheesecake, perhaps?

Either way, enjoy!

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