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Emerald Muse

Posted: August 07, 2021

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We’re starting this month, rather unusually, with a pinup! I had an erotica work planned per the usual procedure but as I was doing the last bits of work yesterday I just wasn’t satisfied with it, it wasn’t up to my usual standards and ultimately I’ve decided it needs another pass. So this week, Palutena!

I haven’t done anything with her in quite a spell, and it was exciting to bust her out for this lovely set! She’s perched on a set of stairs in her heavenly abode, striking some poses, among other things, just for you. :) Hope you guys enjoy, we’ll have two erotica works back-to-back, next week and the week after, then back to pinup for the end of the month.

Have a good one!

© Palutena - Nintendo