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Posted: December 26, 2020

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To finish out 2020, I have something a bit special today: thanks to some invaluable work from one Danbis-Sinbad of DeviantArt, because I am profoundly useless at character modeling, I bring to you today this simply gorgeous rendition of Impa from the new Age of Calamity game!

I had looked into acquiring her before, obviously because she’s cute as all hell, but unfortunately my sole complaint with Breath of the Wild and it’s corollary titles is that while the art style is pretty there just ends up not being much there to get ahold of, which is why the vast majority of the ones I build off of are from the first Hyrule Warriors. However after approaching them for another set of assets (you’ll see those on display soon enough, worry not!) I asked if they felt like taking a shot at an Impa, based on her new design from AoC. And IMO, they knocked it out of the fucking park!

My usual work went in after, replacement eyes and the like, and the wife did her magic in post to bring the hair out, and I’m absolutely thrilled with the result! I hope y’all enjoy it too. :) Have a great new year!!!