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The Nightingale and The Gilded Lily

Posted: April 14, 2018

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And yet again, another one inspired by an Imgur post. :) (I love thighhigh Thursdays…)

This one was a lot of fun to design for a couple reasons: For one, I finally have a reliable way to do populations/instancing in 3ds Max. Turned out it was actually really simple, even if a little heavy on resource usage, and I love how this grass turned out! I have a few ideas to make it just a little better but all the same, really digging it.

The other: the lighting turned out so gorgeous in this shot, and I’m absolutely in love with their looks and poses! The fabric was also quite fun, I’m getting better at using 3ds’s built in physics to make this really cool interactive stuff. In fact, I got the look I wanted on roughly the 3rd attempt.

That’s all for this week, we have quite a steamy one coming next week… ;)

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