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Type A Number 2

Posted: November 14, 2020

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We come back once again to Nier Automata this week! I’ve completed playthrough #2, making slow but steady progress. The feels!!! So many fucking feels, even though I knew how it would end since the first and second basically end the same… seeing it from the other perspective brought it all back, two fold. Looking forward to continuing!

In the meanwhile, we have A2! I haven’t gotten too attached to her just yet but she’s the absolute favorite of a good friend of mine, so I decided to take her for a spin. :) She was a bit harder to get working; I was able to use the Soul Caliber model for 2B, which is more detailed, but for A2 the only option was the asset from Nier itself. That being said I’m quite pleased with the results here!

Thanks for looking!